Salt Shortage : BSR goes to Egypt to find Salt for Winter

Keeping the roads clear of ice is what rock salt does, but last year’s record- breaking winter is leaving supplies tight and prices spiking. One local company preparing for winter is looking beyond usual suppliers. Last year’s snowy winter has created a shortage  of road salt.  This year that’s leading those who help provide supplies and clear the roadway searching for  alternative methods to make travel as safe as possible.

“We went into last winter  with a little bit of a shortage and  last winter it hit the entire nation. As we are all aware,  it depleted the supply chain of salt,”said  BSR  President Carl Bolm.

BSR Services located in Maryland Heights, Missouri is one of the largest private snow and ice management companies in the St Louis Region. The company had to go all the way to Egypt to find the salt for this winter.

“This year we could not get an economical price on salt. We had to have some 10-thousand tons come in as far away as Egypt ,” said Bolm.

To also help though the winter months, The BSR Company recently purchased new liquid salt application machinery plus two tanker trucks that will enable faster and more environmentally-friendly winter treatment methods.

Read more about how BSR has prepared for this 2015 winter season at Fox 2 News.

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