BSR Services buys liquid salt system to fight snowy streets

BSR Services Inc is gearing up for the winter storm season with the purchase of two new tanker trucks and liquid salt applications designed for faster street treatment.

The $400,000 total investment includes the two 4,000-gallon trucks and the BrineXtreme system from Henderson Products Inc. The machine from Iowa-based Henderson makes liquid salt application — up to 6,000 gallons of it per hour — for treating snowy and icy streets. BSR Services also bought several 3,000-gallon storage tanks for the liquid de-icer.

Liquid salt can be used two to three days ahead of a storm and helps salt react more quickly in cold conditions, according to a spokeswoman for BSR Services. It also helps the company use less salt and hold down costs.

“By adding this new product to our snow fighting arsenal, it better prepares our crews since it can be sprayed even before winter weather hits our area,” BSR Services President Carl Bolm said in a statement Friday. “We particularly like the fact that it’s better for our environment plus allows us to be more proactive when battling wintertime weather.”

Originally appeared on St. Louis Business Journal

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