Locations We Specialize In

Corporate Office Parks

St. Louis is filled with many business parks and, chances are, we serve clients near your facility. Our high concentration of manpower, combined with a large equipment fleet, enables us to provide efficient routing that translates into cost savings. Since our chemical storage areas are located throughout the Metropolitan area, we have the quickest response times when accessing de-icing materials.

Hospital and Medical Facilities

The healthcare industry can be the most mission critical when it comes to service and response time. Our team has more than 20 years of working with some of the top hospitals and medical sites in the area. Our “zero tolerance” approach and the utilization of 3 private weather services allows for accurate weather forecasts and service plans. These medical facilities, as well as our other time-sensitive customers, receive detailed records down to the second as when services are performed.

Corporate Campuses

Due to the ground’s enormity, we use larger equipment for bigger savings. Each campus has a dedicated supervisor, as well as an onsite chemical depot, to ensure customer safety and the most profitable results.

Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Our fleet, which includes the area’s largest snow pushers and highest capacity of salt trucks, is perfect for these types of large acreage sites. Our bigger tandem trucks hold nearly 14 tons of salt for fast, efficient service.

Large Retail Malls

Specialized sidewalk broom machines reduce shoveling crews, saving our clients time and money for each snow storm. Our dedicated specialized equipment shows our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations and being fiscally responsible.

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